Nouri Sardar is a British poet, spoken word artist and filmmaker. His writings mostly focus on the Ahlulbayt (household of the Prophet Muhammad), whilst also touching on topics that affect the Muslim world and writing against extremism. Through books, albums, videos and couplets on various social media outlets, his poetry is read and heard avidly by readers worldwide.

Nouri Sardar was born on 17th October 1990 in the City of Westminster, London, England. His grandparents emigrated to England from Pakistan in the 1960s. He is the nephew of scholars Ziauddin Sardar and Shaikh Tauqir Ishaq.

He began writing poetry concerning the Ahlulbayt (family of the Prophet Muhammad) in 2007. His poetry received attention and praise and led to his first anthology in 2009. He has written for a plethora of artists and has performed his poetry in programmes, seminars and conferences both around the UK and internationally, in Europe, the United States, Canada and Africa.

In 2011 he released his first spoken collaboration album with artist Ali Fadhil, with the track Worlds Apart in particular gaining praise and acclaim. This led to subsequent album releases in collaboration with artists of a diverse range of backgrounds and recitation styles.

In 2013 and 2014, he took part in tours of the United States with Ali Fadhil, visiting different communities all over the country to recite poetry and hold workshops teaching poetry and recitation to youth.

In 2015 he completed his project of 100 Verses, narrating the history of the Ahlulbayt from the Prophet Muhammad to Imam Mehdi. As of 2017, he has written hundreds of poems and couplets concerning the Ahlulbayt.

In 2017 he began using spoken word to tackle current issues affecting the wider community, with his pieces Trump Wants to Ban Me and Burnt Skyline receiving over 250,000 views on social media outlets.

He works as the Senior Editor of the online magazine and resource, The Muslim Vibe, after having worked as a Television Producer at Ahlulbayt Television Network for 7 years. He also works as a freelance videographer and editor via his production company Sardar Films. A filmmaker, he has scripted, shot, edited and directed numerous documentary films that tackle contentious social issues in the Western Islamic community.

A lover of film, he enjoys watching movies, occasionally writing about film and the film industry. He is married to Lebanese-American poet Abir Safa, and spends his time between England and the United States.


We Remember (2009)
Speaking Tears (2010)
Household of Gold (2012)
Beginning and End (2014)
Fourteen (2016)


Hussain To Me [ft. Ali Fadhil] (2011)
No Other Day [ft. Ali Fadhil] (2013)
The 10th  [ft. Tejani Brothers, Mohammed Abbas Karim, Sayed Haidar Jaizany & Sayed Ali Radhawi] (2014)
Never Ending [ft. Ali Fadhil, Tejani Brothers, Mohammed Abbas Karim, Sayed Haidar Jaizany & Sayed Ali Radhawi] (2015)
Hussain Never Died [ft. Ali Fadhil, Tejani Brothers, Mohammed Abbas Karim, Sayed Haidar Jaizany & Imran Datoo] (2016)
Karbala Eternal (ft. Taher Adel, Abbas Lalji, Hassan Salamey & Mohammed Abbas Karim) (2018)


Web: www.NouriSardar.com
Twitter/Instagram: @NouriSardar

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