Against the World

If the whole world stood against us… we would stand it against it crying… O’ Haider
And if our love toppled the world… from it we’d see your sun rising… O’ Haider

* * *

Love that can’t be tied down by words… by poetry it’s belittled
Whatever love wanders to it… by Ali’s love it is crippled
That which tries to rise above you… returns as by you it’s humbled… O’ Haider
We fight pride with the pride of you… for you, with tyrants we’ve grappled… O’ Haider

* * *

Our allegiance is not a choice… it is something that’s decided
Before souls were breathed into us… men into two were divided
We saw Heaven and we saw Hell… so with you Ali we sided… O’ Haider
We saw when Adam was confused… Prophet Adam you had guided… O’ Haider

* * *

Yes Muhammad had raised your arm… but it was nothing new to us
We chose you before there was choice… before the right choice was priceless
And we left those that had left you… as what’s left can’t stand your rightness… O’ Haider
God let all that’s evil hate you… as none love you but the righteous… O’ Haider

* * *

Your forehead had only known God… the House of God was your cradle
Whilst others did not know one God… God’s last Prophet you would cuddle
How many had run from battle… against thousands you stood idle… O’ Haider
The only time you saw idols… was when your hands broke each idol… O’ Haider

* * *

Our eyes those of Maytham Tamaar… seeing in the dust, your two hands
Saying “my heart has mysteries… but I bury them in the sand”
We reply O’ Haider don’t cry… till Judgement Day by you we’ll stand… O’ Haider
The world may ignore your greatness… but you we know and understand… O’ Haider

* * *

(London – 24/09/14)

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