Ali and Alphabet

Ali with three letters conquered every letter
Badr was a king till Ali conquered Badr
Carer of the orphans when they had no carer
Destroyer of idols, physical and inner
Everything in hand, but he couldn’t be poorer
Father of dust when dust didn’t need a father
Gate of the city of Mohammed, his leader
“Haider” – the lion, as was named by his mother
Imam of Muslims who didn’t elect power
Journeyed through battles and left each as the victor
Knower of the structure of the Ark of Noah
Leader of both the accepter and denier
Master of those who chose Muhammad a master
Never said no to a request or a beggar
Only Ali could be Muhammad’s successor
Power untold, ask the broken gate of Khaybar
Questioned and questioned yet never couldn’t answer
Resting in Najaf by Hud, Noah and Saleh
Soldier in the battlefield, off it, a philosopher
Tholfiqar in his hand, wielded by no other
Usurped yet of his patience, patience would tire
Victorious against both Marhab and Amr
Wonders are seen in calling this name of wonder
‘X’ upon all that don’t see him as an honour
Yearned is his visit, his grave millions picture
Zeal flows in his name, men shake when they hear “Haider”

* * *

(London – 28/04/14)

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