Ali You Are Ali

They may call me crazy… but there’s no other way
How else can I praise you… Ali you are Ali

* * *

It’s as if my pupils tire… when your virtues my eyes see
It’s as if I am but a drop… but O’ Ali you are a sea
It’s as if the verse that bore you… was God’s words “be and it will be”
It’s as if you made the word ‘I’… whilst scared of you was the word ‘we’

You knew reality… and yet you’d make it sway
And why else would that be… Ali you are Ali

* * *

It’s as if the Ka’ba’s honour… was given to it by your birth
It’s as if the land of Najaf… without your body has no worth
It’s as if the stars shine to us… whilst you shine to them from the Earth
And when the sun’s born in the sky… your light challenges its rebirth

They say I disbelieve… yet you made me believe
How great is my Lord if… Ali you are Ali

* * *

If I start listing your virtues… I’ll never finish this poem
The Lord made me aware of you… and you made me aware of Him
You’re the ship that sails in hearts… the joy of the flow of bloodstream
Your name leaves Heavens divided… the lower Heavens of you dream

You have left existence… confused by your presence
As you outweigh it all… Ali you are Ali

* * *

If the ink of worlds outweighed seas… it wouldn’t write justice to you
Were your name weighed against mountains… the Earth these mountains would fall through
Were all tongues to speak your virtues… the words spoken would be too few
It’s enough to say you are you… to give you all that you are due

I salute you Ali… and I admit proudly
No words do you justice… Ali you are Ali

* * *

(London – 06/10/14)

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