Awakened One

How I wish that I could read the Lord’s agenda
And see where the Mehdi fits in His grand agenda
O’ you who doesn’t differ between a race or a gender

When will I see Eisa and you side by side?
And watch the three-hundred and thirteen walk side by side
And see you at the grave of your mother that you sighed beside

And watch your thousands of lovers awestruck
As if struck by lightning but by awe struck
At your service willing to be killed or cut or struck

Drowning both in your love and its intensities
Left at the mercy of you and your intensities
Living in the world – not in one or in two or in ten cities

From God Himself, the believer knows you’re sent
From good, even the disbeliever knows you’re sent
Your words will attract the ear, and attracts the nose, your scent

O’ Mehdi and your lovers today are in grave danger
Even the widows and the orphans they face grave danger
Even beside the recent martyr’s grave, danger

I began counting the bodies… I counted four
But the number rose till I couldn’t recall why I counted for
This blood that flows like rivers will never be accounted for

Could it be for a hatred, a vengeance, a greed?
Our generosity is great so it can’t be a greed
I turned to you and I said its time and you agreed

Knowing that of our patience truly there remains not an ounce
Of strength to continue there remains not an ounce
Will tomorrow be another day where your return you’ll not announce

O’ you whose grandfather taught Caliphs what govern meant
To Ali how precious and sacred the word govern meant
Rise up O’ Mehdi and establish your government

For to leave you like the people of Kufa would we dare Master?
How could we after years of waiting for our dear master
I write a letter and I begin it with “Dear Master”

Knowing that breaks your heart not a strong Ummah but a weakened one
Not a strong orphan or widow but a weakened one
How many of us are still waiting for you the Awakened One

To topple the values of Bani Umayya

* * *

(London – 20/05/16)

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