Best of Creation

I saw them all trying to belittle a man
Who ironically is the best of creation
I saw them try to make a desert of a man
That held enough life to make jealous an ocean

I saw two sides and they were both oppressing him
Without reason, without form and without reflection
I saw sides and each side would reside in ignorance
Inside pride took their side refusing objection

I saw a picture break my heart into pieces
That wanted my heart broken and in dysfunction
I saw Charlie Hebdo laugh as he hurt Ahmed
No brother of speech, of freedom no relation

And I saw a black flag that shook strands of my soul
That placed my beloved’s name by fear and rejection
That beheaded Islam and raped its sanctity
That burnt alive its book and bombed its religion

I stood and I was torn into two by the world
Either they hated me for my love’s decision
Or they hated that my Islam was not their own
That my daily prayer won’t bow to their obsession

But my feet shall not sway, not upon this mere Earth
They don’t know my Prophet, nor know his devotion
They won’t profit from my Prophet, perfect won’t fit
Into anything drowned in its imperfection

They both say he loved war, he was thirsty for blood
When the word ‘peace’ is his Quran’s salutation
They both say he toppled crosses and killed the Jews
When Badr was fought for the Jew and the Christian

They both say he took slaves and enslaved and sold slaves
When he freed slaves after a free education
They both say he womanized, may God forgive me
Through marriage he brought tribes to peaceful cohesion

They both say that he married a nine-year old girl
Even history knows that’s a false narration
They both say he was insane, bloodthirsty, evil
When he was called ‘truthful’ by his opposition

They both say he was a mortal and both say he sinned
And they both say he left faith in incompletion
They both call him things that my tongue won’t let me say
They’re both almost the same, with the same conception

There’s only one Muhammad, they both got him wrong
Call it naïve or political dissension
They both want Earth’s discord under the guise of ‘free’
Freedom is a word with hijacked definition

Talk… speak, walk, seek, peek, flock, but don’t mock my Prophet
For for us to be hated, it is oppression
This is a free world and our freedom is our right
Don’t kill with words and say “freedom of expression”

Express but don’t excess to express pure hatred
Hatred leads to death, don’t you have recollection?
When figures are crushed, their followers are crushed next
If he’s hated, I’m hated, just by extension

My Prophet is me and we are one and the same
Strike him and you’ll see my own body’s reaction
You’ll see me wounded when you aim arrows at him
So I’ll defend him and defend with conviction

And I’ll defend him against black flags that still wave
That hijack my Prophet and warp his translation
That are not just not Muslim, they are not human
There are animals more certain of salvation

They hold Qurans just like donkeys carrying books
Not interested in God nor in revelation
Were Muhammad alive and still by us today
They’d behead him and they’d call his Quran fiction

They yearn to be Muslim yet know themselves they’re not
They don’t know their fathers, they won’t know his station
And were they at Badr or Uhud or Hunayn
You would see their absence before their desertion

They don’t know my Prophet… I know him very well
He would smile when met with someone’s frustration
He’d call his religion nothing but etiquette
He’d bear the armor of faith against infliction

He’d put a black man atop the house of his Lord
He’d tell criminals you’re eligible for redemption
He’d call his religion “peace” begun with “mercy”
His first command was “read”, what a legislation

He’s known then and now to all those who want to know
The best yet the most humble without exception
He lives and I see him every day of my life
In every good deed and honorable action

He is Muhammad, and yes, he is my Prophet
And his prophecy gave birth to a whole nation
No matter what they say or hijack of his name
They’re words and actions falter at his mere description

I saw them all trying to belittle a man
Who ironically is the best of creation
Yet when I turned my head I saw so many more
That because of him, bow their heads in prostration

* * *

(London – 06/02/16)

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