The Orphaned Child


Burnt Skyline

Born in the God’s House

Trump Wants to Ban Me

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), ISIS & Charlie Hebdo

The Day I’ve Died – Arbaeen 2016

Muharram 2016

Ziyarat Al-Hussain (ft. Mohammed Abbas Karim)

Ziyarat Al-Arbaeen (ft. Imran Datoo)

Fatimiya 2016

Nothing would exist without Fatima Zahra (PBUH)

How Many Women Fall?

Arbaeen 2015

Ziyarat Al-Arbaeen

Maqtal of Abbas (AS)

Rajab 2015

I can’t imagine Heaven when Ali’s love is Heaven

When we say “Ya Hussain”, the Universe shakes

Arbaeen 2014

Forty Days

The Alphabet of Ashura

Sweeter Than Honey (ft. Sayed Haidar Jaizany)

I Remembered Zahra (ft. Tejani Brothers)

Muharram 2014

Night 3 – Will I Recall You?

Night 5 – Kufa to Karbala

Night 6 – The Best Companions

Night 7 – Abbas Don’t Fail

Night 8 – Qassim’s Request

Night 9 – If I Had A Thousand Sons

Night 10 – For What Sin?

Night 11 – Oceans of Tears

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