Jawad’s Ship

Another ship sets sail… upon its worship
Shrouded within black cloth… is Al-Jawad’s ship
What a farewell… angels wail

* * *

Today it’s not just the Shia… everything created is scarred
Anything that believes in God… is mourning for Imam Jawad
The oldest remember Kadhom… when mourned him the whole of Baghdad
Like Hussain on Karbala’s plains… his lifeless body, lions guard

Again stories repeat… as which each Imam
Again an Imam killed… blood on tyrant’s palm
Stories we tell… angels wail

* * *

Summoned to the land of Baghdad… as if to death he was summoned
Against the night of tyranny… like a star Al-Jawad glistened
Mutasim saw this and feared him… to this fear Um Fadhil listened
Till all of Baghdad heard a cry… “Imam Jawad has been poisoned”

Fed poison by his wife… like his grandfather
Angels cursed Um Fadhil… like Jamal’s mother
Against evil… angels wail

* * *

An orphan at such a young age… just as his son upon him weeps
In his father’s absence he grew… in his father’s absence he sleeps
His hair grey from the pangs of grief… yet the title of “youth” he keeps
The ship of youth departs this world… as it sails, his tears it sweeps

The youngest ship sets sail… upon its own tears
Become both old and frail… have its youthful years
No more youthful… angels wail

* * *

Killed at the age of twenty-five… now millions for him have grieved
The under twenty-five should ask… “what exactly have I achieved?”
He conquered hearts and conquered youth… Ali Akbar in his blood weaved
The angel of death left surprised… when another youth he received

And how many angels… on his coffin weep
“Why does such a grand youth… in oppression sleep?”
His burial… angels wail

* * *

The ship of salvation departs… buried beside Musa Kadhom
The youth of the holy household… buried and youth buried with him
A gem sent a gift from the Lord… descended amongst men’s mayhem
In yet another burial… his lovers rush to hide this gem

That familiar grief… that his lovers feel
Beside his burial… wails Jibraeel
With Jibraeel… angels wail

* * *

(London – 26/01/14)



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