Ali Ali Mawla

Our belief through all our hardships and trials
Love for Ali bends the heaviest of scales
Judgement Day when, against sin, all fails
The scale of bad deeds Ali’s love cripples
When, in the sea of sin, good deeds are ripples
Through it Ali the ship of salvation fails

Our salvation… is our pride in… Ali
Drowning in sin… hope is within… Ali

* * *

Love for Ali saves the Shi’i from sorrow
When he drowns in sin being judged tomorrow
He sees three letters that in his eyes glow
If he forgets, then reminds him his shadow
He tells his tongue, the same ‘Ali’ don’t you know?
If it doesn’t say it, this tongue he’d swallow

Fused with his blood… is his beloved… Ali
And his eyes flood… because he’s loved… Ali

* * *

I’m tied to him like the sea’s tied to the tide
When I burn in sin, in his love I confide
The day when my sins brush my good deeds aside
Love for Ali comes and stands beside my side
When, on Judgement Day, all come forth with their guide
I’ll come with he who Heaven and Hell divides

When my deeds fall… intercede shall… Ali
Heaven and Hell… he picks them all… Ali

* * *

Who came and said that Ali can’t intercede?
Even Mohammed called his name when in need
Even if he can’t, to Heaven we’ll proceed
Because love for Ali is the greatest deed
If we were wrong and Ali was fourth indeed
We’ll go to hell because there Ali would lead

On Judgement Day… to him souls sway… Ali
It makes hairs grey… taking away… Ali

* * *

A hope that stays with us till we all grow old
That with the love of Ali we’ll leave the world
Love for Ali holds blessings that are untold
In the Heavens worth more than the greatest gold
When the shroud upon our bodies angels fold
“Leave for Ali wants to shroud him” they’ll be told

When we’re buried… the greatest deed… Ali
And when we die… we’ll be met by… Ali

* * *

(London – 29/04/14)

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